About us

GRACE Women’s Development Limited (formally known as Ardoyne Women’s Group is an organisation founded in the 1980’s as an initiative of local women who identified the need for a safe, secure and nurturing environment where women and girls could meet to socialise, network and learn. The core principles of GRACE Women’s Development Limited are Good Relations, Community Development and Equality and its services, projects and facilities are open to all residents within North Belfast. The services we provide include learning and training opportunities across a range of issues such as health promotion, parenting, emotional well-being, personal development as well as crochet classes, swimming lessons, day trips and complementary therapies. Additionally, we ensure childcare is made available to reduce practical barriers for all those needing support, undertaking training, needing respite or engaging in learning.

The organisation currently operates from Belfast City Council’s Ardoyne Community Centre and whilst we are extremely grateful to the council for housing the group we are limited in the services and programmes we can offer. We currently have plans to build a new women/family centre in the locality.

Charity no. 104947 | Company no. 614237


“A safe and prosperous place where women and their families have the opportunity to Grow to be Respected, Assertive, Caring and treated Equal”.

Mission Statement

“To be the most welcoming, passionate, confidential provider of innovative services for women and their families across North Belfast”.

Key Aims

(1) To provide, maintain and develop a community and resource centre for women.

(2) To promote education and training for women, including accredited and non-accredited, vocational, recreational and personal development courses, to improve knowledge, skills, well-being and self-confidence.

(3) To promote health and well-being among women by providing a confidential atmosphere where women can receive support, advice and guidance and be signposted.

(4) To provide opportunities for women to access information, offer mutual support, engage in discussion and share ideas.

(5) To enhance the development and education of young children, and enable their mothers or carers to participate in educational, training or other activities, by offering appropriate daycare facilities.

(6) To promote, facilitate and organise co-operation and partnerships between community and voluntary organisations and public and statutory bodies and agencies.

(7) To create training and employment opportunities by fostering, supporting and organising the setting up of social enterprises.

(8) To promote or assist in promoting the undertaking of research, surveys and investigations into the experience and needs of women inNorth Belfast(“the area of benefit”)

(9) To promote all or any objects for the benefit of women who live in the area of benefit which now or hereafter may be deemed by law to be charitable.