GRACE has over 36 years of working to secure a safe and prosperous place where women and their families can grow to be resilient, adaptable, connected and treated equal.

During this time, the organisation has ensured these values have been at the heart of every programme of work and every service delivered.

We are looking forward to post pandemic, inviting the local community into our new home, doing what we do best, working together with the community, for the community, and in the heart of the community.

Key Support Services

Family Support | Parenting | Education & Training | Health | Signposting | Advice

The Wings of Hope ASD Family Support Project

The main aims of this group are:

  • To provide support and life enhancing services to help the children and young adults (and their families), affected by Autism/ADHD. This involves assisting them to achieve their maximum potential for community involvement, social inclusion, and the opportunity to access employment and other facilities enjoyed by other non-Autistic members of the community.
  • To encourage, promote and develop persons suffering with Autistic Spectrum Disorder /ADHD by providing them and their families with information, support, and education.
  • To provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time activities for Autistic /ADHD children and their families with the object of improving their conditions of life.

A connected, resilient and healthy community

Build the capacity and skills of people in the community to help enable them to reach their full potential and enjoy, long, healthy, active lives.

An inclusive, vibrant, and thriving hub

Provide leadership, champion good relations, and create partnerships to ensure an engaging and inspiring programme of work and services are delivered for everyone in the community through a thriving family centre.

An informed, inspired, and integrated community

Working in partnership, lead community engagement to improve health and well-being, social and economic development that will inspire positive communities to grow strong and vibrant, be inclusive and thrive.

Delivering change through a strong, sustainable infrastructure

Build organisational capacity, agility, and sustainability to ensure GRACE delivers high quality services that meet needs and improve the life-chances of local people.